AMGCC20 Program

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Accepted Papers | Workshop Main Page

  • Cheongjun Lee, Jaehwan Lee, Donghun Koo, Chungyong Kim, Jiwoo Bang, Eun-Kyu Byun and Hyeonsang Eom, "Empirical Analysis of the I/O Characteristics of a Highly Integrated Many-Core Processor"
  • Hyunjoon Cheon, Jinseung Ryu, Chan Yeol Park and Yo-Sub Han, "SW Runtime Estimation using Automata Theory and Deep Learning on HPC"
  • Jaehyun Han, Guangyu Zhu, Eunseo Lee and Yongseok Son, "An Efficient and Parallel Bad Block Checker for Parallelism of Storage Devices"
  • Sejin Kim, Yoonhee Kim, "Toward Interference-aware GPU Container Co-scheduling Learning from Application Profiles"

Workshop Program | Workshop Main Page

  • Date: August 17 (Monday), 2020
  • Time: TBD